Beberapa Catatan Atas Penggunaan Analisis Rasio Laporan Keuangan Dalam Pengambilan Keputusan



Finacial ratios are useful in comparing risk and return of some firms. The results will be used by equity investors for evaluate return of their investments. These ratios are also useful for creditors to make credit decisions. Such decisions range from an evalution of performance of a particular investment to a comparison among all firms in multi-task industry. The common technique for firm performance analysis is financial ratios. A primary advantage of ratios is that they can be used to compare risk and return relationships of firms of different sizes. Ratios can provide a profile of a firm about macro and micro economic, operating, financial and investment characteristic. Even ratio analysis is essential to comprehensive financial analysis but it was prepared based on implicit assumptions that do not always apply. Some caveats must be considered when interpreting ratios for achieving an accurate evalution. The caveats are inappropriate use of benchmarks, the timing of transactions, negative numbers, and differences in accounting methods. This article will describe those caveats and the effects to the financial ratio analysis.


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